GoodBye Mosquito Traps are one of is own kind. MM Marketing is the
first in the world to introduce Mini Mosquito Trap with Plug in Socket.
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Purifies Air Through Photocatalysis & Sterlizes Sundry Bacteria

The Mechanism
That Captures Mosquitoes
Mosquitoes, even in dark, can easily locate where a person is by sensing carbom dioxide and temperature that he/she sheds. Also, they react extremely sensitively near ultravioletrays.

Using these properties of mosquitoes, Goodbye photocatalyst mosquito trap can decoy and capture mosquitoes both in bright indoors and in dark ourdoors by a tripartite system, HEAT and NEAR ULTRAVIOLET RAYS produced by the fluorescent lamps installed inside, and CARBON DIOXIDE produced when near ultraviolet rays are radiated onto titanium dioxide. Carbon Dioxide(CO2): a gas which is completely harmless to the human beings.

Decoyed mosquitoes enter into the exterminator through the capture windows on the upper part, and then are strongly drawn into the capture net on the lower part.

Once they are drawn into the capture net, they cannot fly away upwards due to the strong current of the ventilator.
Effectively radiates near ultraviolet rays which have photochemical and fluorescent effect, radiates a small amount of visible rays.Generally used as a source of light for capturing insects because many insects are sensitive to near ultraviolet rays.
What is Titanium Dioxide?
Photocatalyst is formed from a decomposition reaction when TiO2(titanium dioxide),as a catalyst,uses light energy. TiO2 can be used semi-permanently because,as a catalyst,it is not consumed in the process and therefore does not change. Also,When small amount of near ultraviolet rays from sunlight or ultravioletrays and organic matter on the surface of TiO2 meet and react,it carries out the function of purifying air and sterilizing sundry bacteria by decomposing foul-smelling molecules. Therefore,it is an extremely clean material,moderate in expense and waste-free.

Titanium Dioxide,Worldwide Attention-Getting of Environment Purification Field

Goodbye photocatalystMosquito Trap uses semi-permanent material which can be very easily handled.Also,it does not require any exchange of chemical and generates only a small amount of electrical charges.
More Benefits
of this Product
Goodbye photcatalystMosquito Trap uses semi-permanent material which can be very easily handled.Also, it does not require any exchange of chemical and generates only a small amount of electrical charges.

Protects cell membarane by killing bacteria suppresses the multiplication of bacteria a strong oxidation decomposition capacity produced on surfaces of TiO2.

Can always stay clean by just cleaning with awet towel, because of the TiO2 has the function of self-cleaning.

TiO2 was approved as a food additive in 1968 by the United States of America and in 1983 by Japan.At present,TiO2 is widely added to chocolates and other foods, and it is completely no harm to human beings.

Working Principle
World Health Organization found that the mosquitoes suck the blood habits be summarized as follows:
  1. crepuscular insect: Mosquitoes like to fly low-light situations.
  2. Odor Habits: Sweat has a special kind of material 8 dilute alcohol, is a mosquito-like.
  3. Carbon dioxide: The research found more than 90% of the mosquitoes search human .breath by follow-up of carbon dioxide.
  4. Temperature and warm moist air is necessary for mosquitoes living.
  5. Breeze Fly Habits: Mosquitoes like to fly with the breeze.
MM Marketing "Goodbye" brand mosquito killer products.Hazard-free UV light triggers photocatalyst produces carbon dioxide and moist air. Fan generated breezes, Lamps produce spectra which Tempts the mosquito and temperature, Completely imitates the human's breath, become a mosquito target tracking, Bionic trap to achieve.Moreover, photocatalyst can absorb formaldehyde and other toxic gases, is a new generation of environmentally-friendly and efficient mosquito killer.
The advantages of the electrical mosquito killer
  1. Low Noise: Ultra-quiet fan to minimize the noise .Mosquitoes are attracted to the repository and are air-dried and dehydrated to death. There is no Pa-pa sounds like using electroshock mosquitoes catchers, and there is no high voltage, so its very safe and quiet.
  2. Purifying air: High concentrations of photocatalyst can absorb more harmful gases.
  3. Disinfection:UV light can kill harmful bacteria in the air.
  4. Super anti-mosquito effect: Live mosquito which was captured in the mosquitoes storeroom will send out chemical information to attract the same, can continuously capture the surrounding blood-sucking female mosquitoes,To interrupt the mosquito breeding cycle group, completely eliminate mosquitoes.
  5. Long life:This device use long-life CCFL tube. Soft light does not affect sleep, and may also offering nightlight.
How to use Goodbye mosquito killer
  1. Plug the electrical plug into the power socket,connect the power to use this product.When not in use, cutting off electricity source or unplug the plug can be.
  2. Before cleaning the device, please remove the plug from the outlet to disconnect the electricity appliance, put off the mosquitoes storeroom and clean it, and then put it back and twist it.
  3. When the device is used in the house, please arrange the mosquito-killing time several hours before sleeping so that when you go to bed, most of the mosquitoes are catched. And if there is much furniture in the room, the time of mosquito killing will be a little longer.Continuously would be more effective to kill mosquitoes
  4. After the mosquito killer is turned on, it is recommended to switch off other lights and stay away from strong convective air environment
  5. Please do not disconnect the electricity appliance after capturing mosquitoes, you need to let the fan continue turning until dry and hydrate the mosquitoes in it.
  6. Put the mosquito killer on the table which is 1 meter to 1.5 meters high from the ground, and if there is no light and no one,the results can be achieved best.
  1. Before cleaning the device, please remove the plug from the outlet to disconnect the electricity appliance, electricity-connecting cleaning is forbidden.
  2. It is dangerous to put your hand into the device when it is working, because the fan will scuff your hands or happen other accidents.
  3. Do not moving or fiddling the device with connecting of electricity.
  4. .Do not use the device at the place with strong ultraviolet ray, like strong light or sunlight, and do not put it at some places that baby or children can touch it.
If there is any quality problem with the device, we give one for you in free, after free-repairing time or the damage is caused by wrong-way operated, we will charge some costs fee.Quality problems and maintenance services, please contact our vendor points or manufacturers
Against counterfeiting, "Goodbye" mosquito killer in here to do a few shows:
First, please recognize genuine "Goodbye" Mosquito killer which matketed by MM Marketing. Beware of counterfeit products to buy, giving you unnecessary trouble and losses. If you are from the "Goodbye"Vendor of the poor to buy a counterfeit product, please call the complaint Phone: +91 422 6576635 .
Authenticity of the identification is as follows:
  1. Authentic "Goodbye" is Marketed by MM marketing.
  2. Genuine "Goodbye" using a mosquito photocatalyst, using the original import of photocatalyst and the Mosquito agent mixed with, is not a market easily bought photocatalyst. False "Goodbye" without photocatalyst can not be induced mosquito and can not clean the air.
  3. IIn 2007 abolished the production of pink as the color red at night, such as blood, the existing pink one is definitely not authentic "Goodbye".
  4. Genuine "Goodbye" mushroom cap is not linked to above, but fake there are.
  5. Genuine "Goodbye" using a 3 mm Mosquito special long-life lamp,both sides of the reddish required to produce mosquitoes temperature (with same long life as the LCD screen backlight lamp ),have a certain wavelength, will attract mosquitoes.fake and shoddy products using short * life lamp, no effect.
  6. Genuine "Goodbye" mosquitoes storeroom in 2008 abolished the original electroplating technology, Use of environmentally friendly materials technology to achieve a pollution-free, the existing color is black, never rust .Counterfeit products are white, rusty after a long storage time.