Goodbye Mosquito Traps strive to meet customer expectations at all times with quality deliverables and improvise to exceed expectations".

There are several variants of goodbye mosquito traps in our company - Some of them are mini electric mosquito trap with plugin socket, classic mosquito trap with handle and switch on top for easy handling and the bigger size models which would be apt for farm houses , open area etc..
Eco friendly mosquito trap, No refill, no chemical
12 months warranty
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Facts About Mosquitoes

The first outbreak of chikungunya was seen in the year 1952,in the makonde plateau, along the border between tanzania and mozambique

In India it was first reported in the year 1963,in calcutta. Recently the disease re-emerged in India,specially in the southern states. Since the outbreak in december 2005 there have been lakhs of reported cases of chikungunya in India particularly in Tamilnadu  More »